• The language of the birds (Lison ut-tayr)

  • 1414 | 664
  • ISBN: 978-9943-5219-2-6
  • Автор: Nava`i A.
  • Язык: English
  • Пишу: lotin
  • Тип ресурса: Story
  • Число страниц: 196 p
  • Издательский: Yoshlar nashriyot uyi
  • Количество: Adadi 500
  • Год публикации: 2018
  • Выходные данные: Toshkent

Описание книги

            The Great Silk Road is known for its poets. One of the most important of these is Alisher Nava`i. "The Language of the Birds" is one such writing. "The Language of the Birds" is a story about the hard journey to Sufi enlightenment. In it we are shown that a guide is very important for the road. This is the role the Shaikhs play in Sufism.