• Concise Human Physiology

  • 905 | 324
  • ISBN: 0-632-05586-3
  • Author: Sukkar M.Y.
  • Lang: English
  • Writing: english
  • Resource type: textbook
  • Number of pages: 440 p
  • Publishing: Blackwell Publishing
  • Year of publication: 2000
  • Published: Edinburgh

Book description

   During the last 15 years more colleges of medicine and allied health sciences have been established in the develop­ing countries than ever before. The special needs o f stu­dents in these institutions arc inadequately met by available textbooks, which have been written primarily for medical students in Europe and the United States—more often than not fora wide readership which includes science and post­graduate students. This textbook aims to address the special needs of students in developing countries, in both content and presentation. For this purpose, there are four main fea­tures which make this book different from all others.