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  The medical library of the Samarkand Medical Institute plays an important role in the development of science. It was founded in 1934 and is currently housed in SamMI’s 1st Clinical Hospital. From the earliest stages, the library had many functions. It was necessary to work hard on the formation and systematization of the book fund, the creation of catalogs. The first director of the library was the head of the department of histology and embryology prof. Grigory Mikhailovich Semyonov. The fund of the library in the first years consisted of about 30 thousand books.

  Professor G.G. Abdullaev, P.N. Karlenko, F.M. Goluba, I.P. Mishchenko, P.M. Isaev, F.I. Shevchenko, Associate Professor H.R. Farxadi, M. Asadulina, M.G. Iren, D.H. Books by Rakhmanova and other scholars have been donated to the library. During the war S.M. The Kirov Military Medical Academy was evacuated to Samarkand. After that, many books became a memory for us. Many of these editions can be called unique because most of the books were reprinted in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This is Brockhaus F.A.'s famous & quot; Encyclopedic Dictionary & quot;, and Efron I.A. (1890-1907), & QUOT; The Real Encyclopedia of Medical Sciences (1891), books on anatomy, physiology, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, etc., as well as doctoral and master's dissertations. The works of Sechenov, Pavlov, Pirogov and other founders of medical science, which are of great cultural and scientific significance, are widely displayed in the fund.

  At the beginning of 1939, the library of the institute had 37,000 books, by the end of 1949 - 78,000, and now the book fund exceeds 350,000. In the early years, the library served only 200 students, including 105 students and 56 teachers, and is now used by more than 8,000 users.



The directors of library in different years

Grigoriy Mixaylovich Semenov
Pasternak N.I.
Kechko Nina Efimovna
Kalantarov Mixail Efimovich
Melikov Bobojon
Alizade Larisa Nikolaevna
Fayzieva Xadicha Abduraimovna
Abduxamidova Elmira A'zamxonovna
Mansurova Dilshoda Zakirovna
Khudayberdieva Gavhar Ismoilovna

Mansurova Dilshoda Zakirovna- from 2021 till nowadays