• Viruses and Human Disease

  • 907 | 780
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-373741-0
  • Author: James H. Strauss
  • Lang: English
  • Writing: English
  • Resource type: textbook
  • Number of pages: 468 p
  • Publishing: Academic Press
  • Year of publication: 2008
  • Published: California

Book description

    Our knowledge of viruses continues to expand rapidly and this book has been thoroughly revised to incorporate new information that has appeared since the first edition. In this process, virtually all of the figures and tables have been redrawn to include the latest information and the text has been extensively rewritten. New or refined approaches to the study of viruses, especially detailed structural studies but also more extensive sequencing studies, has resulted in a deeper understanding of virus evolution leading to many changes in virus taxonomy.