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  • ISBN: 9780323357630
  • Muallif: S. Terry Canale
  • Til: english
  • Yozuv: english
  • Resurs turi: study guide
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  • Nashriyot: Silver
  • Chop etilgan yili: 2016

Kitob ta'rifi

The purpose of this text, as the title suggests, is to describe the “core” procedures from Campbell’s Operative 
Orthopaedics. These include some of the most frequently used procedures at our clinic, as well by orthopaedic 
surgeons worldwide. We picked what we considered to be the top 100 procedures without regard to specialization or complexity. These procedures are described in no certain order, but generally follow the outline in 
Campbell’s Operative Orthopaedics, edition 12.