• Philosophy

  • 251 | 466
  • ISBN: 978-9910-9551-6-7
  • Muallif: L.R. Usmonova
  • Til: English
  • Yozuv: lotin
  • Resurs turi: Manual
  • Betlar soni: 216
  • Nashriyot: Samarqand
  • Chop etilgan yili: 2023
  • Chiqish ma’lumotlari: Samarkand

Kitob ta'rifi

The manual for the course "Philosophy" familiarizes students with current issues and problems in the development of philosophical knowledge and combines classical and modern concepts. A systematic understanding of the fundamental problems of philosophy as a special cultural formation and as a form of theoretical understanding of human existence in the world is given. The relationship between philosophy and other sciences and spheres of human activity is demonstrated, and the ideological and methodological functions of philosophy in modern society are revealed.